A discussion of Art and its relative form, Acting

My brother once told me while we were looking at an abstract painting, "you can't abstract the left shoulder blade unless you know where it is in the first place." This applies in so many ways to Acting. You can't create a character unless you know who you are in the first place.  

The essential compass is the tool you use to master your instrument. 

So here is the thing. 

You use your instrument to act. 

In order to master the craft of acting you must master your instrument.

The Essential Compass is the tool that enables you to master your instrument. 

You can then use your essential self mastery to create a role. 

Basically you can abstract your left shoulder blade, your left foot, your misery or anger or joy, to create an illusion for your audience. Based in your truth, from your essential self, it reads as a character. The journey is to totally understand who you really are and where you put your sad, mad, glad. 

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